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Giannini S., Biagioni S., Goggi S., Pardelli G. Mapping Italian grey communities: what is there beyond the Academy?. In: GL16 - Sixteenth International Conference on Grey Literature Grey Literature Lobby: Engines and Requesters for Change (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA, 8-9 December 2014). Proceedings, pp. 17 - 29. Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen (eds.). (GL Conference Series, ISSN 1386 2316, vol. 16). TextRelease, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2015.
This research aims at verifying whether – and eventually how much – the grey literature available on the web is actually structured, accessible or even managed by systems dealing with its organization and aiming at its retrieval and storing. The utmost goal is to build up a map of non-academic communities and their mechanisms for managing, presenting and disseminating this type of material. It is a sort of journey among the streams of the Web, which channel meeting minutes, manifests, fliers, pictures, newspapers articles, journalistic services and audio/video material on various topics. These “grey” products – by conveying basic information about social and popular culture – store, represent and spread knowledge.
Subject Italian Grey Literature

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