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Lucchesi D. M., Anselmo L., Bassan M., Pardini C., Peron R., Pucacco G., Visco M. Testing the gravitational interaction in the field of the Earth via satellite laser ranging and the laser ranged satellites experiment (Larase). In: Classical and Quantum Gravity, vol. 32 (15) article n. 155012. IOP Press, 2015.
In this work, the Laser Ranged Satellites Experiment (LARASE) is presented. This is a research program that aims to perform new refined tests and measurements of gravitation in the field of the Earth in the weak field and slow motion (WFSM) limit of general relativity (GR). For this objective we use the free available data relative to geodetic passive satellite lasers tracked from a network of ground stations by means of the satellite laser ranging (SLR) technique. After a brief introduction to GR and its WFSM limit, which aims to contextualize the physical background of the tests and measurements that LARASE will carry out, we focus on the current limits of validation of GR and on current constraints on the alternative theories of gravity that have been obtained with the precise SLR measurements of the two LAGEOS satellites performed so far. Afterward, we present the scientific goals of LARASE in terms of upcoming measurements and tests of relativistic physics. Finally, we introduce our activities and we give a number of new results regarding the improvements to the modelling of both gravitational and non-gravitational perturbations to the orbit of the satellites. These activities are a needed prerequisite to improve the forthcoming new measurements of gravitation. An innovation with respect to the past is the specialization of the models to the LARES satellite, especially for what concerns the modelling of its spin evolution, the neutral drag perturbation and the impact of Earthʼs solid tides on the satellite orbit.
URL: http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/0264-9381/32/15/155012/meta;jsessionid=C801BE240B2591503D1F66C40FEB93F4.c2.iopscience.cld.iop.org
DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/32/15/155012
Subject General Relativity
Artificial satellites
Satellite Laser Ranging
Gravitational and Non-gravitational Perturbations
70F15 Celestial mechanics

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