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Goggi S., Pardelli G., Giannini S., Biagioni S., Battisti M. La littérature grise des projets de recherche européens. In: I2D - Information, données & documents. Pratiques & recherches, vol. 52 (1) pp. 34 - 34. Dossier: Littérature « grise » : de l'ombre à la lumière. A.D.B.S., Paris, FR, 2015.
The survey is focused on the documentation produced by the European Commission (EC) projects involved in the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (hereafter FP7) and managed by the Italian National Research Council (hereafter CNR). In particular, the Grey Literature (GL) available on CORDIS and European Projects websites was analysed. In order to verify how it is managed and whether it is compliant with EC recommendations, some categories were introduced to identify, measure and evaluate the usability and availability of projects production. Data was obtained from a sample of European projects websites.
Les projets scientifiques financés par la Commission européenne produisent de la littérature grise. Une étude menée en 2013 sur 226 projets CNR du 7e programme-cadre (2007-2013) a analysé la typologie, le format et la disponibilité des documents signalés sur le serveur Cordis (rapports de recherche et articles scientifiques) et les sites projets (contenant listes de partenaires, brochures, communiqués,...
Subject Grey Literature. European Commission Projects

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