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D'Acunto M., Cricenti A., Luce M., Dinarelli S. Theory of near-field detection of core-gold nanoshells inside biosystems. In: Computer Modelling & New Technologies, vol. 19 (1) pp. 29 - 34. Transport and Telecommunication Institute, 2015.
Metal nanoshells composed by a dielectric core with a thin gold layer are stimulating growing interests due to the unique optical, electric and magnetic properties exhibited by the local field enhancement near the metal - dielectric core interface due to strong local plasmon resonance and the high tunability of such resonance as a function of shape and core-material. These unique characteristics have found promising applications in a wide range of areas, such as biosensing, optical communication and medicine. In this paper, we developed a theoretical and numerical simulation based on a near-field approach to study the possibility to identify nanoshells inside mouse cells. Taking advantage from the characteristic near-infrared transparency window of many biological systems, i.e. the low light absorption coefficient of biological systems between 750-1100nm, we show the possibility to identify and detect 100-150nm diameter gold nanoshells inside the animal cells.
In questo lavoro Ŕ stata simulata la risposta ottica di nanoparticelle con shell di oro e core dielettrico (nanoshells). Le nanoshells con opportune dimensioni (diametri 100-150nm) mostrano forti assorbimenti nell'infrarosso prossimoi dando la possibilitÓ di essere rivelate in sistemi biologici, come le cellule animali, caratterizzati dalla cosiddetta finestra di trasparenza nell'intervallo 750-1100nm.
URL: http://www.cmnt.lv/upload-files/ns_78art06.pdf
Subject Gold nanoshell
Near-field plasmonics
35Q61 Maxwell equations

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