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Galpin V., Feng C., Hillston J., Massink M., Tribastine M., Tschaikowski M. Review of time-based techniques for modelling space. QUANTICOL Technical Report. Technical report, 2014.
This document provides details about di erent mathematical techniques for modelling space and time. It rst describes a classi cation of space modelling techniques, covering two time-based approaches and one space-only approach, that of topological and metric spaces. It then goes into detail about discrete space approaches providing basic de nitions and considering how such techniques have been used in the ecology, biology, epidemiological and networking literature. Following this, continuous space techniques are considered.
Subject PDE
Population CTMC
F.3.1 LOGICS AND MEANINGS OF PROGRAMS . Specifying and Verifying and Reasoning about Programs
03B70 Logic in computer science

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