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Candela L., De Faveri F., Lelii L., Mangiacrapa F., Marioli V., Pagano P. Accessing biodiversity databases: a domain specific query language and a unifying data model. Technical report, 2014.
During the last years, considerable progresses have been made in developing on-line species databases. However, species data are scattered among several databases and information systems and there is no single database that can claim to host, and make available in a seamless way, all the species data needed by the communities willing to have access to such typology of data. In this report we present a domain specific query language and a unifying data model for species data that characterise a mediator service specifically conceived to act as a single access point to the plethora of existing species databases.
Subject Species Data Integration
Distributed Information Retrieval
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval

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