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Locuratolo E. I. Designing conceptual database models for innovative evaluation of quality. This paper was submitted to the International Conference on Information Modeling and Knowledge Bases 2014, Technical report, 2014.
A theoretical approach to determine innovative evaluation of model quality is proposed. This approach is based on two different mappings to design the same conceptual database model: the former is a vertical mapping composed of bottom-up steps. It starts from the specification of a database applications supported by a formal model and achieves a resulting model based on semantic data models. The latter is a horizontal mapping composed of successive model extensions. It starts from a graph of conceptual classes and achieves the resulting model of the previous mapping. Formulas for the quantitative/numerical evaluations of the models are introduced during the vertical mapping, whereas “formulas” for the qualitative/conceptual evaluations of models are introduced during the horizontal mapping. The quantitative evaluations express the costs of what has been specified/proven in terms of variable and constant cardinality. The qualitative/conceptual evaluations express the saving that you get for what has been implicitly specified/proved. The quality measure of the resulting model is given in terms of hidden classes. These provide indication about different aspects of the model quality.
Subject Conceptual Database Models
Model Design
Model Evaluations
D.2.12 Data Mapping
D.3.3 Classes and Objects
H.2.1 Data models
D.3.1 Formal Definition and Theory

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