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Anselmo L., Pardini C. ESA - Impact Flux Assessment and Analysis. Fragmentation Consequence Analysis for LEO and GEO Orbits. Project report Study Note of Work Package 310 - Version 1.0, 2014.
The purpose of this work package was to perform impact flux assessments using the "fragmentation target objects" simulated in Task 2 of the present contract as either representative collision targets or missions suffering from the consequences, taking into account the natural orbit evolution (e.g. decay). The additional contributions of the fragmentations had to be compared with the background, i.e. with the environment evolved without the contribution of the "fragmentation target objects" (reference case). Due to the huge number of cases involved, the analysis was focused on a sample of 87 scenarios, applicable to more than 70% of the sizable satellites launched today in space.
Subject Space Debris
Long-term Evolution, Collision Consequences, LEO, GEO
Collision Consequences
70F15 Celestial mechanics

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