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Colantonio S., Chiarugi F., Giannakakis G., Pediaditis M., Iatraki G., Christinaki E., Manousos D., Pampouchidou A., Marias K., Tsiknakis M., Giorgi D., Matuszewski B. J. SEMEOTICONS - In-depth analysis of state-of-the-art for facial expression analysis. SEMEiotic Oriented Technology for Individual's CardiOmetabolic risk self-assessmeNt and Self-monitoring. Deliverable D5.1, 2014.
Human face can reveal precious information about the healthy or unhealthy status of individuals. SEMEOTICONS aims to exploit the human face as an indicator of individual's health status and translate the semeiotic code of the face into measurements and descriptors automatically evaluated by computerized applications. WP5, in specific, focuses on developing methods for the assessment of stress, anxiety and fatigue based on automatic facial expression analysis using video. Consequently, a complete and thorough analysis of self-contained approaches, specialized methods and reported research results for facial expression analysis, targeted at the detection of signs that disclose such psycho-physical states is performed.
Subject Face detection
Facial expression
Emotional analysis
I.2.10 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Vision and Scene Understanding

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