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Bailer W., Biscoglio I., Boch L., Borgotallo R., Chakravarthy A., Falchi F., Gallo F., Ligios L., Laurenson P., Melas P., Pellegrino J. PRESTO4U - Research Outputs Assessments v2. European Technology for Digital Audiovisual Media Preservation (Presto4U). Deliverable D3.3, 2014.
Project Deliverable 3. 3 Presto4U Research Output Assessments v 2 4 Scope The long -term preservat ion of digital audio- visual media presents a range of complex technological, organisational, economic and rights -related issues, which have been the subject of intensive research over the past fifteen years at national, European and international levels. A lthough good solutions are emerging, and there is a large body of expertise at a few specialist centres, it is very difficult for the great majority of media owners to gain access to advanced audio- visual preservation technologies. This deliverable 'Resear ch Outputs Assessment v 2' will describe the research outputs identified in year 2 of Presto4U, and which have the potential to address CoP needs and requirements. This document will also describe in detail, results of the assessment exercise carried out on identified ROs. The methodology for assessing these tools has been established as part of WP3 task T3.1 'Research Outcomes Assessment Methodology' documented in deliverable D3.1 'Specification of Assessment Criteria, Metrics, Processes, Datasets and Facil ities'. The deliverable is a direct outcome of Task 3.2 'Preservation Research Technology and Assessment'. The purpose of which is to identify and assess research outputs to establish their readiness for take -up. This deliverable is an update on D3.2 -- the lessons learnt in terms of assessment of tools from Year 1 are presented here. This is through updated test templates and improved tests in terms of their functional testing. Some of the tools needed to be re- tested in year 2 because of the updated tes t assessme nt templates. We also introduce two new categories of tools technical metadata extractors and vocabulary mapping. Further, the final Presto4U dataset is also described as part of this deliverable. A combination of open source free to download dat asets and in- house produced files turned out to be the ideal dataset for the testing of these ROs. Finally we present the results of the tool testing performed after collaboration with commercial vendors to test two hardware storage mechanisms (LTO6 and Optical Drives)
URL: http://https://www.prestocentre.org/files/600845_deliverable_d3.3_presto4u_18_12_2014r.pdf
Subject Digital preservation

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