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Mambrini F., Evangelisti S., Martineau P., Prandoni C., Zoppi F. EAGLE portal and services requirements and specifications. EAGLE - Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy. Deliverable D5.1, 2014.
The document provides the list of the functional requirements for the user-dedicated services of the EAGLE project. The sections of the Introduction provide a general description of the whole EAGLE architecture and of the three services that the users will be able to interact with. Sec. 1.3 is dedicated to outline the content that will be made available and introduces the terminology that will be used to refer to the contents of the EAGLE collection. Sec. 1.4 presents the rationale of the EAGLE Portal, Flagship Mobile Application and Flagship Storytelling Application. In sec. 1.5 we discuss the methodology that was followed in eliciting the requests for functions, and how we selected the requirements that were chosen to be included, at some point in time, in the EAGLE system. Sec. 2 introduces the main components that form the backbone of the EAGLE user-dedicated system, and discuss the model of interactions between them. This section must not be read as a set of finalized guidelines for the implementation of the architecture. Rather at this stage, the section aims to represent the model according to which the EAGLE system will function as a whole, and to provide the reader with the information she needs to understand requirements and use-cases. While sec. 2 attempts a preliminary description of the EAGLE system in terms of its components, in sec. 3 we shift the perspective to that of the user: this will be the dominant point of view in the rest of the deliverable. In this section, we will provide a description of the target users of the EAGLE services and proceed to define the user groups for the different functions. Finally, sec. 4 contains a list and a discussion of the functional requirements, organized according to the three EAGLE services (query and search the EAGLE data base, mobile application and storytelling application) and by the target user. Conclusions and future work are briefly mentioned in sec. 5
Subject Data Infrastructure
Aggregation System
Metadata Formats
Metadata Model
Data Interoperability
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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