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Prandoni C., Alfarano N., Casarosa V., Fresa A., Masi P., Buono M., Cionini N., Zoppi F., Mannocci A. EAGLE Portal. EAGLE - Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy. Deliverable D5.2, 2014.
This deliverable describes the main functionalities and the technical infrastructure of the EAGLE Portal, which is available online at www.eagle-network.eu. It reflects the status of the EAGLE Portal in October 2014, at the time of the first release. The deliverable will be updated in M30, when the second release of the EAGLE Portal is planned. The EAGLE Portal is the main gateway into the world of the EAGLE services and initiatives. On the portal, users can find all the background information about the project, the partners and the collections. It hosts a section where news related to the content providers or of interest for the community of epigraphists will be posted. A comprehensive presentation on the visual identity, layout and structure of the portal can be found in Deliverable D6.1 EAGLE Project Website. The portal is the main access to the set of EAGLE services, which can be accessed by a human through a browser or by the EAGLE Flagship Mobile Application, or by other applications through a set of APIs. This document is organised in two parts: Part A describes the EAGLE functions accessible through a browser, and Part B describes the APIs available for other applications, such as the Flagship Mobile Application and the Flagship Storytelling Application developed in EAGLE. In particular, Part A can be viewed as a user manual, describing the functionalities offered by the EAGLE Portal and how to use them through the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Part B can be viewed as a developer guide, providing a deeper insight on how these functionalities have been implemented and on the interactions between the different components and modules of the system. Part B provides also a description of the "external" APIs that can be used by applications that intend to take advantage of the rich set of data made available by EAGLE. In particular, the interfaces used by the Flagship Mobile Application (which is being developed in the frame of the EAGLE project) are here described in more details. Firstly, users who want to find information about inscriptions can access a search interface that is at the same time friendly and sophisticated, allowing both general users and experts to perform queries on the collections. It is possible to perform both full-text searches using a simple interface, or to launch more advanced queries. The seven controlled multilingual vocabularies (types of inscriptions, object types, material, writing, decoration, state of preservation and dating criteria), that were created to help aligning the multilingual metadata of the inscriptions from the different content providers, have been also integrated in the search engine and help users to create their search strings. Secondly, users that are interested in gaining access to the more advanced functionality can register an account and manage their Personal Space on the EAGLE Portal. In this area, they can save and annotate queries, results and single objects (including - in Release 2 - the pictures that they took using the Flagship Mobile Application) to access them in a future session.
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Aggregation System
Metadata Formats
Metadata Model
Data Interoperability
Image Processing
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