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Ligios L., Lindgaard P. H., Teruggi D., Verbruggen E., Chakravarthy A., Laurenson P., McNeil J., Cristensen T., Bagnoli L., Falchi F., Snyders M. PRESTO4U - CoP Progress report year 2. European Technology for Digital Audiovisual Media Preservation (Presto4U). Deliverable D2.5, 2014.
Since the nine Communities of Practice have been created in year 1, a large part of the work in Presto4U during year 2 consisted of directing, facilitating, stimulating and maintaining interactions and feedback for providing detail on the preservation needs of each Community. This part of the project also gathered data about the various communities, providing - mostly qualitative - analyses of gaps and challenges, identifying relations with the supply-side, and delivering feedback to the project for many of the challenges of each CoP. This second CoP Progress Report is a collated report describing the individual progress for each Community of Practice in year 2. Each chapter was written by the respective Community of Practice leader and responsible partner in the project. Many of the findings and recommendations in the task have been taken into account in other work of Presto4U and in the further strategies for the audiovisual preservation domain as documented in WP6.
URL: http://https://www.prestocentre.org/files/deliverable_d2.5_presto4u_31_12_2014_v1r.pdf
Subject Digital preservation

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