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Boch L., Di Carlo A., Gallo F., Pellegrino J., Laurenson P., Rendina M., Ligios L., Ortolani S., Christensen T., Bagnoli L., Teruggi D., Verbruggen E., Falchi F. PRESTO4U - Recommendations on rights technology. European Technology for Digital Audiovisual Media Preservation. Deliverable D3.4, 2014.
The scope of Presto4U project is technology for digital audiovisual media preservation. The long-term preservation of digital audiovisual media presents a range of complex technological, organisational, economic and rights-related issues. Presto4U focuses onto useful technological solutions, for raising awareness and improving the adoption of audiovisual preservation research results, both by service providers and media owners. Presto4U has created a series of Communities of Practice in the main sub-sectors of the audiovisual media preservation for developing knowledge about their practices and their unresolved issues for accessing to and taking advantage from research output. The scope of this report is technology for handling audiovisual rights. Beyond considering how to prevent the loss of content, rights information has to be included upstream in the preservation process before the sources of information become uncertain. There are many areas of research into audiovisual rights, covering: definitions of formats and models or rights representations, such as rights expression languages and ontologies, development of innovative services for the management of rights information, and architectures for enforcing the appropriate use of rights. The context is provided by the legal framework, the media contracts, the technologies for content distribution and fruition, the technologies for the information management, and the related standards and specifications. Topics in the scope of this report include how to ascertain rights ownership, how to represent unambiguously the rights in machine-readable form, and which are the practical guidelines for handling rights expressed in that way.
URL: http://https://www.prestocentre.org/files/deliverable_d3.4_presto4u_29_12_2014_v1r_.pdf
Subject Digital preservation

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