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Bagnoli L., Teruggi D., Verbuggen E., Lindgaard P. H., Gram J. N., Rendina M., Falchi F., Walland P., Schallaure P., Houpert J., Bauer C., Fino-Radin B., Oomen J., Oleksik P. PRESTO4U - Longitudinal CoP impact analysis: simple longitudinal study of the potential impact of the CoP activities based on the CoP reports and their progress over time. European Technology for Digital Audiovisual Media Preservation. Deliverable D6.2, 2014.
The scope of this Deliverable is to study the impact of the Presto4U project on the CoP activities, based on CoP reports and their progress over time. The study will includes a validation of the models from WP4T1 based on real uptake case studies, the influence of technology watch and brokering services on CoP's choices, and a satisfaction survey for every CoP on the role of the project for the understanding and adoption of new solutions. A brief introduction presents the economic environment in which the various communities face the challenges of preservation and how these are addressed with different approaches depending on the type of community. The second part, presents the analysis of the interactions within content holders and producers, service and technology providers. It will also gain input in the ability of the Communities to internally integrate technology or a specific practice in terms of specialized and skilled staff, internally available technology or potential financial resources and their dependence from external technology, financing and service providers. The third part intends to draw some conclusions on the project status, through an analysis of the expectations and achievements from the point of view of all the nine communities involved in Presto4U. A satisfaction survey, in the guise of a common questionnaire, has been submitted to all the CoP leaders.
URL: http://https://www.prestocentre.org/files/deliverable_d6.2_presto4u_31_12_2014_v1.3r.pdf
Subject Digital preservation

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