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Lupiáñez-Villanueva F., Theben A., Pannese L., Ascolese A., Llorente M., Colombo M., Ferro E., Fortunati L., Palumbo F. DOREMI - Updated Exploitation plan and business plan. Decrease of cOgnitive decline, malnutrRtion and sedEntariness by elderly empowerment in lifestyle Management and social Inclusion. Deliverable D7.3.1, 2014.
This document contains the indications of the DOREMI partners for the definition of the IPR rules to share the use of the forthcoming results of the DOREMI project. These indications have been collected through a questionnaire proposed to all the partners during October 2014. The questionnaire was aimed at defining the IPR rules to be applied for the exploitation of the DOREMI solution and related services.
Subject IPR
Exploitation strategy
Exploitation plan

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