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Tonellotto N., Di Napoli C., De Francesco A., Giordano M., De Rosa F., Maesano L. MIDAS - Specification and design of the basic MIDAS platform as a service on the cloud. Model and Inference Driven, Automated testing of Services architectures. Deliverable D6.2, 2014.
Specification and design of the basic MIDAS Platform as a service on the cloud: This deliverable presents an architecture running on the Cloud, designed and configured for integrating the TTworkebnch engine on the Cloud services and providing an integrated platform for creating, configuring and running test user scenarios independently from the underlying platform implementation. It will include demonstrators of the main capabilities such as description of test cases, and support for test cases management and configuration.
Subject Cloud computing
Virtual Machine
SOA Testing
Web Services
Test Execution
D.2.2 Design Tools and Techniques

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