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Girolami M., Lenzi S., Potort́ F., Ferro E., Gotta A., Riolo G. make it ReAAL - Platform features specification. make it ReAAL. Deliverable D2.1, 2014.
This deliverable is a technical document describing the features of the common platform used in ReAAL for the applications deployed in the seven pilots. It is structured in four main sections: 1° the first section provides an overview of the architecture and main concept of universAAL. 2° the second section consists in a detailed set of universAAL existing features. 3° the third section provides the new features required from an open platform for the deployment of applications within the seven pilots. 4° the fourth section concerns the set of criteria for the technical assessment of the platform features. This section is useful for WP5. The deliverable has been elaborated after the delivery of D1.2 which is the main inspiration of the work performed for this D2.1 deliverable. In D1.2, the pilot architecture and application requirements have been analysed with the pilot managers and technical partners. This deliverable has been created mainly by universAAL partners and non-universAAL partners which have however profound knowledge of AAL platform needs. The features of the section 2 and 3 are structured into 7 main topics which are important for the pilot application deployments. Architecture: the main questions are related to the nodes on which the platform should run. Configuration, Personalisation: specific features are needed for the developers, the installer, or the users to be able to configure and personalised the applications to the users needs. Maintainability, Scalability: It is needed to have tools to be able to maintain the platform, to monitor errors, to deploy the applications, easily and at low cost for thousands users. Interoperability: the platform provides already several features to enable the interoperability of applications but Pilots have also specific extra requirements. Shared Communication Infrastructure: this topic concerns the communication protocol used in the platform between nodes. Privacy and Security: These topics are generally expressed as top-priority, even if how they should be implemented is sometimes difficult to be defined. Context Information and Management: This concerns requirements on data representation and storage.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
AAL Middleware Platform Design

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