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Castelli D. Open Access ai risultati della ricerca and Open Access in Horizon 2020. In: Giornata formativa su "Open Access", le nuove politiche europee sull'accesso aperto - HORIZON 2020 (Roma, CNR, 28 ottobre 2014).
The European Commission Vision is that information already paid for by the public purse should not be paid for again each time it is accessed or used. According to this vision, the EU has officially recommended Open Access to research results since 2012, defining OA as the practice of providing on line access to scientific information that is free of charge to the end-user and that is reusable. Further, OA has become mandatory for research information resulting from projects funded under Horizon 2020. This document discusses OA issues. In particular illustrates how to deal wit these issues when proposing and conducting a research project under Horizon 2020, and presents OpenAIREPlus, the Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe. Summary of the presentation: 1. EU vision; 2. Open Access to scientific publications 3. Open Access in Europe 4. OpenAIRE infrastructure
Subject Open Access
Horizon 2020
H.3.7 Digital Libraries. Dissemination

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