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Candela L., Coro G., Cossu R., Pagano P. Realizing spatial data infrastructure solutions in ENVRI. In: GEPW-8 - GEO European Projects' Workshop (Athens, Greece, 12-13 June 2014).
ENVRI is an FP7 EU project specifically conceived to provide a cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures (EISCAT 3D, EMSO, EPOS, Euro-Argo, ICOS, and LifeWatch) with a collaborative framework to develop common components and services. The ENVRI services contribute to realise a Spatial Data Infrastructure offering facilities to publish, discover, access, visualize, and process large geospatial datasets. State-ofthe- art technologies and standards have been largely used, including OGC CSW, WCS, WPS, WMS. For the data discovery and access, the results of the GENESI-DEC project have been reused and enhanced to realise an approach for easily discovering geospatial data across a federation of distributed catalogues. For geospatial data processing and visualisation, a number of components have been developed by relying on the gCube open source technology, a comprehensive software system supporting the creation and management of an HDI. In particular, a service supporting data analytics has been developed to offer a rich yet open set of algorithms to process geospatial data. All these components have been integrated in a dedicated Virtual Research Environment, a web-based environment aggregating the services. ESFRI RIs can exploit the set of components according to three exploitation models: . Software as a Service; . Platform as a Service; . Open Source. The two as a Service models are for free to the ENVRI partners via the D4Science Infrastructure and the GENESI-DEC. The benefits are evident, the management is outsources to expert operators that can leverage economies of scale and use elastic approaches to scale.
URL: http://https://www.d4science.org/group/envri
Subject Data infrastructures
ENVRI Project
Virtual research environments
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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