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Colantonio S., Martinelli M., Salvetti O. Personalized guidance for people empowerment and self-efficacy towards healthy lifestyles - The solution proposed in SEMEOTICONS. In: HEALTHINF 2014 - 7th International Conference on Health Informatics - Part of 7th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, BIOSTEC 2014 (Angers, France, 3-6 March 2014). Proceedings, pp. 583 - 590. Marta Bienkiewicz, Christine Verdier, Guy Plantier, Tanja Schultz, Ana L. N. Fred, Hugo Gamboa. SciTePress, 2014.
This paper discusses the problem of fostering lifestyle changes towards healthier habits by means of coaching and supportive messages in the frame of a tailored users' guidance. Starting from the importance of behavioural changes to foster wellbeing and disease prevention, the main aspects of tailored users' guidance are reviewed, with a brief overview of the methods presented in the literature. The solution proposed in the EU FP7 Project SEMEOTICONS is then presented, discussing its advantages with respect to the state of the art.
URL: http://www.scitepress.org/DigitalLibrary/Link.aspx?doi=10.5220/0004938705830590
Subject Users' Profiling
Personalized Guidance Systems
Wellbeing Evaluation
H.1.2 INFORMATION SYSTEMS. User/Machine Systems

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