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Caviglione L., Gotta A., Salam A. A., Roseti C., Zampognaro F. Performance evaluation of HTTP and SPDY over a DVB-RCS satellite link with different BoD schemes. In: PSATS 2014 - 6th International Conference on Personal Satellite Services (Genoa, Italy, 28-29 July 2014). Proceedings, EAI, 2014.
The rapid evolution of the Web imposes the need of enhanc- ing the HTTP over satellite channels. To this aim, SPDY is a protocol engineered to reduce download times of content rich pages, as well as for managing links characterized by large Round Trip Times (RTTs) and high packet losses. With such features, it could be an efficient solu- tion to cope with performance degradations of HTTP over satellite. In this perspective, this paper compares the behaviors of HTTP and SPDY over a DVB-RCS satellite link. To conduct a thorough set of tests over a realistic scenario, we used the Satellite Network Emulation Platform (SNEP). In addition, we evaluated how different Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) methods impact over the retrieval of a page. Results clearly indi- cate that SPDY could be an effective solution to deliver Web contents over satellites in a more efficient manner.
Subject Networking Protocol
Satellite Network

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