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Magrini M., Pieri G. Real time system for gesture tracking in psycho-motorial rehabilitation. In: HEALTHINF 2014 - 7th International Conference on Health Informatics - Special session on Signals and Signs Understanding for Personalized Guidance to Promote Healthy Lifestyles (Eseo, Angers, Loire Valley, France, 3-6 March 2014). Proceedings, pp. 563 - 568. Marta Bienkiewicz, Christine Verdier, Guy Plantier, Tanja Schultz, Ana Fred, Hugo Gamboa. SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications, 2014.
In the context of the research activities of the Signal and Images Lab of ISTI-CNR, a system is under development for real-time gesture tracking, to be used in active well-being self-assessment activities and in particular applied to medical coaching and music-therapy. The system uses a video camera, a FireWire digitalization board, and a computer running own developed software. During the test sessions a person freely moves his body inside a specifically designed room. The developed algorithms can extrapolate features from the human figure, such us spatial position, arms and legs angles etc. Through the developed system the operator can link these features to sounds synthesized in real time, following a predefined schema. The system latency is very low thanks to the use of Mac OS X native libraries (CoreImage, CoreAudio). The resulting augmented interaction with the environment could help to improve the contact with reality in young subjects affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
URL: http://www.scitepress.org/DigitalLibrary/User/ViewPaper.aspx
DOI: 10.5220/0004937205630568
Subject Gesture Recognition
Tracking System
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Rehabilitation Systems
D.2.2 Design Tools and Techniques
H.5.1 Multimedia Information Systems
H.5.2 User Interfaces
H.5.5 Sound and Music Computing
I.2.10 Vision and Scene Understanding
I.4.6 Segmentation
I.4.1 Digitization and Image Capture
I.4.7 Feature Measurement
I.4.10 Image Representation
I.4.8 Scene Analysis
68N30 Mathematical aspects of software engineering (specification, verification, metrics, requirements, etc.)
68U10 Image processing
68U35 Information systems (hypertext navigation, interfaces, decision support, etc.)
68W27 Online algorithms

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