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Pintucchi B., Zani N. Effectiveness of nonlinear static procedures for slender masonry towers. In: Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, vol. 12 (6) pp. 2531 - 2556. Springer, 2014.
This paper investigates the accuracy of pushover-based methods in predicting the seismic response of slendermasonry towers, through comparison with the results from a large number of nonlinear time-history dynamic analyses. In particular, conventional pushover analyses, in both their force- and displacement-based variants, are considered, and seismic assessment through thewell-establishedN2method is also addressed. The study is conducted by applying a simple non-linear elastic model recently developed and implemented in the computational code MADY to represent slender masonry structures. The model enables both pushover analyses and non-linear dynamic analyses to be performed with a minimum of effort. A multi-record incremental dynamic analysis carried out for a quite large number of structural cases, each of which is subjected to a comprehensive set of dynamic nonlinear analyses, is used to evaluate the accuracy of pushover methods in predicting the global structural response, as represented by the usual capacity curve together with a damage curve, both of which are compared with dynamic envelopes. Local responses, in terms of lateral displacements and the distribution of damage along the tower height are also compared. The results reveal that the key issue in the accuracy of pushover methods is the nature of the lateral load applied, that is, whether it is a force or a displacement. Different ranges of expected deformation are suggested for adopting each type of lateral load to better represent the actual behaviour of masonry towers and their damage under seismic events through pushover methods.
URL: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10518-014-9595-z
DOI: 10.1007/s10518-014-9595-z
Subject Masonry towers
Pushover analysis
Nonlinear static procedures
No tension material
Incremental dynamic analysis
Force-based and displacement-based pushover

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