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Salerno E., Tonazzini A., Grifoni E., Lorenzetti G., Legnaioli S., Lezzerini M., Marras L., Pagnotta S., Palleschi V. Analysis of multispectral images in cultural heritage and archaeology. In: Journal of Applied and Laser Spectroscopy, vol. 1 (1) pp. 22 - 27. ALS Lab, 2014.
This paper presents a discussion on different techniques that can be used for the analysis of multispectral images (i.e., images taken in more than three spectral bands) that are acquired in the context of Cultural Heritage or Archaeological studies. False Color imaging, Blind Source Separation methods and techniques based on the use of Artificial Neural Networks are discussed. Examples are presented on the application of these methods to the study of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology.
URL: http://www.alslab.net/WPMH/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/4.Analysis-of-Multispectral-Images-in-Cultural-Heritage-and-Archaeology.pdf
Subject Cultural heritage
Multispectral analysis
J.2 Physical sciences and engineering. Archaeology
J.5 Arts and humanities

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