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Sassi M., Biagioni S., Pardelli G. A Linguistic and Gender Approach to 1841 Tuscany Population Census. In: US-China Foreign Language, vol. 12 (4) pp. 318 - 329. David Publishing Company, 2014.
The Census of 1841 in Tuscany was the first official data registry which tried to describe Tuscan population as a whole on the basis of the Granducato's territory. With the use of special ad-hoc created forms, all demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of families and single persons in "Granducato di Toscana" were described. Work is developed in five points: (1) informatics retrieval of linguistic information from Tuscany of 1800 focused by the arts and craftsmanship more in use in families of that time; (2) gender division of works and craftsmanship; (3) observation of lexical disparity in the four communities and terminological curiosities of that historical period; (4) actually no longer existing craftsmanship; and (5) diachronic analysis of communities, where possible. In this scenario, the authors will introduce the methodology they used for data analysis. Tables and figures will be used to better focus different moments and results of the work. A Glossary in Appendix will contain the English translation of the Italian terms extracted from the Corpus.
URL: http://www.davidpublishing.com/show.html?16049
Subject Tuscany Population Census
sociological analysis
gender analysis
the 19th work terminology
linguistic statistics
DBT (Textual Data Base) & Facets
NLP (Natural Language Processing) tools
I.5.4 Applications. Text processing

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