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Dazzi P. Let's annotate to let our code run in parallel. Paper published in Axiv 1306.2267v1. Technical report, 2013.
This paper presents an approach that exploits Java annotations to provide meta information needed to automatically transform plain Java programs into parallel code that can be run on multicore workstation. Programmers just need to decorate the methods that will eventually be executed in parallel with standard Java annotations. Annotations are automatically processed at launch-time and parallel byte code is derived. Once in execution the program automatically retrieves the information about the executing platform and evaluates the information specified inside the annotations to transform the byte-code into a semantically equivalent multithreaded version, depending on the target architecture features. The results returned by the annotated methods, when invoked, are futures with a wait-by-necessity semantics.
URL: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1306.2267v1.pdf
Subject Code Annotations
Automatic Parallelization
D.3.4 Processors

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