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Hanke S., Furfari F., Lazaro Ramos J. P., Potort́ F. The AALOA exploitation model for AAL project results. Technical report, 2013.
AALOA, the Ambient Assisted Living Open source Association, was born to create an environment to foster initiatives linked to AAL. AALOA offers an environment where people and organizations can start an AAL project. Most projects are expected to be software projects, to be released using a Free / Libre / Opens Source software licence, but other types of activities, like research, conference organization, standardization and lobbying are envisioned as well. This paper illustrates the idea of the Ambient Assisted Living Open Association, the actions initiated by AALOA and those planned for the future. The main focus is on the exploitation possibilities which AALOA provides to the outcome of several European and non-European projects. A collaboration here would be a win-win situation. On one side, AALOA has already appropriate prominence and is linked to European strategies which can help to group people and associations around different project results and to position them in the right way and manner. On the other side AALOA is depending on the community and on the projects it hosts. To demonstrate this ambition and to give a demonstration for other European projects, the paper presents the identified exploitable results of the universAAL FP7 project and their planned incubation in AALOA
Subject AAL
B4.4 Performance Analysis and Design Aids. Verification

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