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Porcelli M., Binante V., Girardi M., Padovani C., Pasquinelli G. A solution procedure for constrained eigenvalue problems and its application within the structural finite-element code NOSA-ITACA. Technical report, 2013.
The paper presents an efficient and reliable implementation of numerical methods for constrained generalized eigenvalue problems, specialized for the modal analysis of linear elastic structures in a finite-element setting. The implementation, which takes into account the sparsity of the sti ffness and mass matrices and the features of master-slave constraints, is based on open-source packages embedded in the finite-element code NOSA-ITACA. Numerical tests on historical building are performed, with the aims of calculating their vibration frequencies and mode shape vectors, comparing them to the results of a general purpose commercial code and assessing the accuracy of the tool developed.
Subject Eigenvalues
Finite-element software
Multipoint constraints

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