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Locuratolo E. I., Palomäki J. Perspective for database preservation. Submitted to the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology - Third Edition, IDEA GROUP PUBLISHING, Technical report, 2013.
The need to preserve databases has been approached in the past; however, the need to preserve database concepts is new. In this article, by database preservation, we intend keeping a structure where all and only the concepts related with the database are retained; keeping the logical coherence among these concepts and relating the structure with the logical database models. The concept structure, called ontology for database preservation (Locuratolo & Palomäki, 2013) results in leaves which are incompatible concepts; encloses all and only the concepts related to the initial concept structure; encloses all and only the intensional inclusion relations between concepts. The concept structure has been mapped to statically logical schemas; this paper shows that the logical schemas can be extended to handle dynamic situations.
Subject Concept
Concept structure
Ontology for database preservation
D.2.12 Data Mapping
D.3.3 Classes and Objects
D.2.1 Data Models
F.4.1 Set-theory

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