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Miori V., Bianchi Bandinelli R. Ambient Assisted Living: an overview of the EU projects. TR (Technical Report). Technical report, 2013.
This report summarise the effort done for prolonging autonomy of elderly and disabled people and in particular creating tools and conditions to prologue autonomy of elderly and people with special needs. Mainly has been considered the AAL JP Program and the related projects. An effort has been made to classify projects basing on objectives and technology used. At the end there is a more detailed description of several selected project like UniversAAL project (aimed to spread results of research in this field), Independent living project, Soprano project (Service-oriented Programmable Smart Environments for Older Europeans), Oasis project (Open architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardization), Hera project (Home sERvices for specialised elderly Assisted living), etc
Subject Ambient Assisted Living, Aging well, Disabled people, Elderly people
K.4.2 Social Issues

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