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Cardaci A., Celandroni N., Ferro E., Gotta A., Davoli F., Caviglione L. SPDY - A new paradigm in Web technologies: performance evaluation on a satellite link. Technical report, 2013.
The increasing complexity of Web contents, jointly with the growing diffusion of mobile nodes using wireless and satellite links to provide network connectivity, ignited the creation of new protocols. In this perspective, this paper evaluates the feasibility of using SPDY to increase the performance of Web data over broadband geostationary satellites. To this aim, we developed a set of tools to perform trials on a real satellite platform. Results show how SPDY allows getting rid of the HTTP acceleration part deployed within the Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP), thus reducing both the complexity (e.g., in terms of TCP connections) and the development costs experienced by the service provider.
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