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Fagni T. Developing and maintaining a mixed Java/Groovy software using Maven. Technical report, 2013.
Developing and maintaining a complex software today is not a trivial task especially if you don't use the proper tools. This is even more true if your software depends on a lot of external libraries/frameworks. In such cases, a special care must be taken in order to proper handle all the third-party dependencies required by the software you are building. Maven is a build automation and project management tool that automatically manages the dependencies of a software in a project and that provide a lot of facilities to support the developers in all phases of software development (building, testing, packaging) and communications (e.g. generating reports, project web site, etc.). In this article, we will show you how Maven can be used effectively to support the application development in mixed projects which use the Java/Groovy languages, two very popular programming languages among the developers.
Subject Maven
D.2.7 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. Distribution, Maintenance, and Enhancement
D.2.13 Reusable Software

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