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Anselmo L., Pardini C. Simulation plan. Fragmentation Consequence Analysis for LEO and GEO Orbits. Project report Report D1, Version 1.1, 2013.
After having analysed the present distribution of intact objects in orbit around the Earth (WP 120) and carried out a review concerning the information available on the collisions involving catalogued objects (WP 140), in order to assess the need of off-centre impact simulations, analyse the energy-to-mass ratio achieved and the corresponding fragmentation outcome, and evaluate the adequacy of the NASA standard breakup model, a detailed simulation plan for LEO and GEO is proposed, aiming at a reasonable number of cases and an optimal coverage of the situation in space, present and planned in the coming decades. The NASA standard breakup model was found to be reasonably adequate and the total number of proposed simulation cases is 118: 94 in LEO and 24 in GEO. Moreover, it was found that, for the purposes of this study, the modelling of off-centre collisions can be disregarded.
Subject Orbital debris
Catastrophic fragmentation
NASA breakup model
Intact target distribution
70M20 Orbital mechanics

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