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Gennaro C., Dragone M., Saffiotti A., Lozano H., Di Rocco M., Vairo C. RUBICON - Integration of Communication Layer and Robotic Components. Robotic UBiquitous COgnitive Network (RUBICON). Deliverable D1.2, 2013.
This deliverable (D1.2) describes the work carried out in the Task 1.2 Integration of Robotic Components and WSAN. In particular, T1.2 concerns the integration of previously existing robotic devices and software components to satisfy the requirements posed by Task 1.1, which involves the generic integration of pre-existing robotic com- munication tools (Part of the PEIS-ROS bridge) and the integration of specific PEIS Ecology functionalities to non-PEIS side of Communication Layer. This latter task includes the routing between islands and the access to non-WSN sensors inside WSN network.
Subject Rubicon
Wireless sensor networks
Robot ecologies
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design

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