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Dragone M., Gennaro C., Saffiotti A., Vairo C. RUBICON - Proxy-specific Software Suite. Robotic UBiquitous COgnitive Network (RUBICON). Deliverable D1.4, 2013.
This deliverable takes place at the end of (M24) of the RUBICON project WP1 building the RUBICON Com- munication Layer (CML). The CML provides communication and integration mechanisms built upon middleware for wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSANs) and robotic ecologies. The objective of this deliverable is to describe the output of the work carried out in Task 1.4: Adaptation of existing data-sharing middle-ware and proxy solutions for WSN/robot integration. This task involves the identification of common component description for automatic discovery of hardware and processing capabilities and the provision of standard mechanisms that the higher layers of the RUBICON system can use to interact with the underlying sensing and acting infrastruc- ture, including computational constrained devices. Such a set of functionalities is accomplished by the RUBICON component Proxy for WSAN, which extends the functionalities of the Gateway, i.e. the bridge between the Peis middleware and the WSAN described in D1.3.1. The extension of the Gateway includes the generic mechanisms for representation of motes sensor and actuation capabilities, the routing between multiple islands, and the integra- tion of heterogeneous networks. This document refines the initial proxy design presented in D1.3.1. It discusses the motivations behind the design choices and the methods used to ground that initial prototype in the final design and the implementation of the CML in line with the communication stack presented in D1.3.2. The results of this deliverable will be an input and the basis for the integration work to be carried out in WP5 in both the transport and the Ambient Assisted Living application scenarios.
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Wireless sensor networks
Robot ecologies
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design

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