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Ligios L., Lindgaard P. H., Teruggi D., Verbruggen E., Chakravarthy A., Laurenson P., McNeil J., Crhistensen T., Bagnoli L., Falchi F., Snyders M. PRESTO4U - CoP Progress report year 1. European Technology for Digital Audiovisual Media Preservation (Presto4U). Deliverable D2.4, 2013.
Presto4U is has created nine Communities of Practice (CoPs), each based on a shared concern, a shared set of problems and a common pursuit of technological solutions related to the particular custodial practices and preservation challenges in a principal sub-sector of audiovisual media. The CoPs, collectively and individually, provide a crucial reference point and exchange environment for all the Presto4U activities. Each CoP is coordinated by a consortium Partner that is well respected and well connected to other CoP members, that is keen to help develop the CoP's practice, and is knowledgeable and passionate about the Presto4U topics. Now that the Communities of Practice have been created, a large part of the work in Presto4U consists of the maintaining, nurturing and growing of each CoP through online and offline activities, publications and tools. The project will manage the activities for each CoP expert working group through directing, facilitating, stimulating and maintaining interactions and feedback for providing detail on the preservation needs of each Community. This part of the project will also gather data about the various communities, provide analyses of gaps and challenges, define and share information with the supplyside, and maintain feedback mechanisms and broker connections between challenges of each CoP with the project. This first CoP Progress Report is a collated report describing the individual progress for each Community of Practice since their establishment at Project Month 7, focusing on the actual Community of Practice management progress as well as a first glimpse of the long term digital preservation technological needs, barriers and suppliers. Not all Communities of Practice have started at an equal level of "pre-development" nor have they developed at the same rate. Therefore, each chapter in this report should be considered as an individual overview of the situation in each Community of Practice. The report will be used further into the project to ensure the efficient mapping of Communities of Practice and the project requirements, and to stimulate combined efforts between two or more Communities of Practice where possible. It will also help set further priorities for work ongoing in Presto4U, notably the dissemination focus of WP5, the research in WP3, the specific challenges for the development of an online Market Place in WP4, and the measuring of impact of the project's efforts in WP6.
Subject Digital preservation

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