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Lenzi S., Furfari F., Riolo G. OSGi RFC-192: analysis of status and proposal for a better support of ZigBee. TELECOM. Deliverable 1, 2013.
This document is produced as part of the Deliverable n1 of the contract n6/2013 between Institute of Information Science and Technologies, Italian National Research Council (CNR-ISTI) and Telecom Italia (TI). In particular, with respect to the technical part of the contract, this document analyzes the current status of ZigBee Specification proposed by the OSGi Alliance, and it highlights the weakness of the current abstraction layer prosed by the OSGi Alliance in the RFC-192. Moreover, we defined a set of solution to overcome the lack of important feature from RFC-192 for abstracting the ZigBee network, and as part of the contract CNR-ISTI and TI are elaborating an official proposal to the OSGi Alliance for integrating the proposed solution. It is worth to notice that all the features that we mentioned in this document are selected because they are needed for supporting real life scenario of ZigBee network, so they are extremely important for enabling the wide spreading the RFC-192 standard and avoid the blooming of several vendor driven solution which, as result, would lock the gateway provider to a particular provider for its own gateway solution.
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