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Lezzi D., Torres E., Quevedo F., Blanquer I., De Giovanni R., Fernando J., Garcia V., Assad R., Boeres C., Oliveira Passos F., Amaral R., Rebello V., Candela L. EUBrazilOpenBio - Infrastructure enhancement and optimisation final report. EU-Brazil Open Data and Cloud Computing e-Infrastructure for Biodiversity. Deliverable D4.4, 2013.
This report provides the final picture of the EUBrazilOpenBio infrastructure deployment and of the use cases implementations and present the refinements and modifications that have been made to reflect evolved requirements based on feedback received by the users during the evaluation phase. The developments described here are based (i) on an analysis described in the previous report [4], (ii) on the scenario requirements [6], and (iii) on a profiling study aimed at identifying the possible enhancements of the use cases and the selection of technologies that implements the EUBrazilOpenBio production e-infrastructure. These components include data management, programming models, execution managers and a set of tools offered by gCube. Cloud platforms and cluster resources have been used as computational back-ends in order to evaluate the best option for the scenarios. The developed components have been also evaluated on computational backends external to the project and offered to external communities.
Subject EUBRAZILOPENBIO Infrastructure Deployment
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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