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Secchi R., Gotta A., Celandroni N., Roseti C., Collina M., Fairhurst G., Sun Z. SatNEx III - New Web modelling for satellite study recommendations. SatNEx III. Deliverable TN3.3, 2013.
This document includes the last achievements coming from research activities related analysis of new web paradigms, namely HTTP2.0 and SPDY, over scenarios including satellite. It is a follow-up of sub-tasks 3.1 and 3.2 [AD-1][AD-2], where performed analysis and experiments are enhanced and presented in forms of recommendation. With reference to [AD-2], achieved results have been analysed by each involved partner in order to report a detailed analysis and, when possible, models related to page download statistics, transmission scheduling, SPDY implications on current satellite performance and on future satellite system design.
Subject Satellite Networks

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