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Cignoni P., Pietroni N., Malomo L., Scopigno R. Mesh joinery: method for converting a 3D model into a set of planar shapes that can be interlocked to compose a self-supporting structure. Patent n. RM2013A000439. Registered in Roma on 2013.
Mesh Joinery is an innovative method to produce physical illustrative shape approximations suitable for easy and cheap fabrication. Mesh joinery is capable to produce complex structures built by planar shapes that can be assembled in an efficient and visually pleasing manner. Given a digital shape representation our method converts it into a set of planar pieces that can cut and then assembled in a self-supporting structure, by exploiting an efficient slit mechanism. Since all those pieces are planar, in order to fabricate them it is sufficient to rely on a standard, low cost 2D cutting system. We automatically define the shape and location of the planar components according to a smooth cross field defined over the surface. Following a cross field allows to represent global features that characterize the appearance of the shape. The components placement procedure conforms to specific manufacturing and manual assembly constraints. The assembling sequence is encoded by printing numeric codes over each piece and slit
Subject Fabrication
Laser Cutting
I.3.2 Graphics Systems

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