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Martinelli M., La Monica D. Progetto Thesaurus: un sistema informativo per il patrimonio culturale sommerso. Un database per l’archeologia subacquea. In: Conoscenza e Tutela del Patrimonio Sommerso (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, 11 dicembre 2012). Atti, pp. 79 - 88. Lucia Botarelli, Denise La Monica (eds.). (Progetto THESAURUS, vol. 1). Aracne editrice S.r.l, 2013.
This presentation is related to the work performed in a year for the Project Thesaurus. The area selected for this study is the maritime area of the Province of Livorno. The chosen time is very large, from the old age (VI cent. BC) to the eighteenth century, and was chosen to allow not only to study in detail the old age, but also to open a perspective study on post medieval and modern ages, at least for a glimpse of the problems associated with them, also methodological. The creation of a database that can manage in an integrated manner all the information produced by the Research of Thesaurus is one of the objectives of the project.
DOI: 10.4399/97888548660411
Subject Informative system, underwater cultural heritage
H.2.4 Systems Multimedia databases
68U35 Information systems
68U10 Image processing

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