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Rossetti G., Pappalardo L., Pedreschi D. Measuring tie strength in multidimensional networks. In: SEBD 2013 - 21st Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems (Rocella Jonica, Italy, June 30 - July 03 2013). Atti, pp. 223 - 230. UniversitÓ di Reggio Calabria, 2013.
Online social networks have allowed us to build massive net- works of weak ties: acquaintances and nonintimate ties we use all the time to spread information and thoughts. Conversely, strong ties are people we really trust, persons most like us and whose social circles tightly overlap with our own. Unfortunately, social media do not incorporate tie strength in the creation and management of relationships, and treat all users the same: friend or stranger, with little or nothing in between. In the current work, we address the challenging issue of detecting on online social networks the strong and intimate ties from the huge mass of such mere social contacts. In order to do so, we propose a novel multidimensional definition of tie strength which exploits the existence of multiple online social links between two individuals. We test our definition on a multidimensional network constructed over users in Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook, analyzing the structural role of strong e weak links, and the correlations with the most common similarity measures.
Subject Social network analysis
Multidimensional networks
Tie strength
G.2.2 Graph Theory

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