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Scopigno R. Interactive visualization for cultural heritage - Current capabilities and open issues. In: VISIGRAPP 2013 - 8th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (Barcelona (Spain), 21-24 February 2013). Abstract, pp. 31 - 32. Jose' Braz (ed.). INSTICC, 2013.
Digital technologies are now mature for producing high quality digital replicas of Cultural Heritage (CH) artifacts. The research results produced in the last decade have shown an impressive evolution and consolidation of the technologies for acquiring high-quality digital 3D models. Some recent technologies for supporting interactive visualization of complex models will be presented, by focusing on interactive manipulation and visualization of 3D models on the web and on mobile platforms. The talk will present some recent experiences where high-quality 3D models have been used in CH research, restoration and conservation. Open issues in this domain will also be presented and discussed.
Subject 3D Graphics
Cultural heritage
3D scanning
I.3.2 Graphics Systems

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