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Leporini B., Chiti S. Investigating the use of vibro-tactile feedback for mobile interaction by blind users: the numeric keyPad case. In: 3rd Workshop on Mobile Accessibility (Paris, France, 28 April 2013).
For visually-impaired people interacting with touch-screens can be very complex because of the lack of hardware keys or tactile references. We investigate how a multimodal approach can overcome this issue. We propose a prototype which exploits haptic feedback as a support for detecting the numpad and special buttons.
URL: http://mobile-accessibility.di.fc.ul.pt/papers/mobacc2013_submission_27.pdf
Subject Mobile accessibility
Touch-screen interaction
Haptic interaction
Blind users
Human Factors
Human interfaces
H.5.2 User Interfaces. Input devices and strategies, Voice I/O, Haptic I/O
K.4.2. Social issues. Assistive technologies for persons with disabilities

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