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Tadini P., Maggi F., Lavagna M., De Luca L. T., Grassi M., Pardini C., Anselmo L., Francesconi A., Viola N., Tancredi U. Large-debris active removal challenge: the hybrid propulsion approach. In: Ukaren 57 - 57th Symposium on Space Science and Technology (Yonago, Japan, 9-11 October 2013). Proceedings, article n. 1. The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, 2013.
The feasibility of a mission for the active removal of a large massive debris in Low Earth Orbit region is investigated. Critical aspects and related technologies are investigated at preliminary level. A preliminary mass budget shows that the chaser spacecraft overall mass varies in the range 1500-1700 kg, with Hybrid Propulsion Module of about 900 kg.
Subject Hybrid rocket propulsion
Orbital debris
Active debris removal
Large massive objects
Zenit second stages
70M20 Orbital mechanics

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