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Fileto R., Kruger M., Pelekis N., Theodoridis Y., Renso C. Baquara: a holistic ontological framework for movement analysis using linked data. In: ER 2013 - Conceptual Modeling. 32th International Conference (Hong Kong, China, 11-14 November 2013). Proceedings, pp. 342 - 355. Wilfred Ng, Veda C. Storey, Juan C. Trujillo. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 8217). Springer, 2013.
Movement understanding frequently requires further information and knowledge than what can be obtained from bare spatio-temporal traces. Despite recent progress in trajectory data management, there is still a gap between the spatio-temporal aspects and the semantics involved. This gap hinders trajectory analysis benefiting from growing collections of linked data, with well-defined and widely agreed semantics, already available on the Web. This article intro- duces Baquara, an ontology with rich constructs, associated with a system ar- chitecture and an approach to narrow this gap. The Baquara ontology functions as a conceptual framework for semantic enrichment of movement data with an- notations based on linked data. The proposed architecture and approach reveal new possibilities for trajectory analysis, using database management systems and triple stores extended with spatial data and operators. The viability of the proposal and the expressiveness of the Baquara ontology and enabled queries are investigated in a case study using real sets of trajectories and linked data.
URL: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-41924-9_28
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-41924-9_28
Subject Semantic trajectory ontology
Linked data
H.2.8 Database Applications

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