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Amaral R., Badia R., Blanquer I., Candela L., Castelli D., De Giovanni R., Gray W. A., Jones A., Lezzi D., Pagano P., Perez-Canhos V., Quevedo F., Rafanelli R., Rebello V., Torres E. EU-Brazil open data and cloud computing e-infrastructure for biodiversity. In: IWSG 2013 - International Workshop on Science Gateways (Zurich, Switzerland, 3-5 June 2013). Proceedings, article n. 7. Tamas Kiss (ed.). (CEUR Workshop proceedings, vol. 993). CEUR, 2013.
Abstract-EUBrazilOpenBio is a collaborative initiative addressing strategic barriers in biodiversity research by integrating open access data and user-friendly tools widely available in Brazil and Europe. The project deploys the EU-Brazil cloudbased e-infrastructure that allows the sharing of hardware, software and data on-demand. This e-Infrastructure provides access to several integrated services and resources to seamlessly aggregate taxonomic, biodiversity and climate data, used by processing services implementing checklist cross-mapping and ecological niche modelling. The concept of Virtual Research Environments is used to provide the users with a single entry point to processing and data resources. This article describes the architecture, demonstration use cases and initial experimental results.
URL: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-993/paper7.pdf
Subject Biodiversity
Cloud Computing
Data e-infrastructure
Virtual research environments
Echological Niche Modelling
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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