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Ranzuglia G., Callieri M., Dellepiane M., Cignoni P., Scopigno R. MeshLab as a complete tool for the integration of photos and color with high resolution 3D geometry data. vol. II Graeme Earl, Tim Sly, Angeliki Chrysanthi, Patricia Murrieta-Flores, Constantinos Papadopoulos, Iza Romanowska, David Wheatley (eds.). (CAA series Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology). Southampton, UK: Amsterdam University Press, 2013.
Even if a precise, detailed geometry is essential for the study and documentation of a CH artifact, lots of information also comes from the color and appearance data. Since a complete reconstruction of the optical properties of an artifact is still hard (or impossible) to achieve, what is normally done is to rely on color data coming from photographic dataset. In this paper, we will describe the tools that MeshLab offers for the generation and processing of color information on a high-resolution 3D model. We will show the basic operations available and present actual projects were these tools have been successfully used. The availability of such advanced color management tools in an Open Source tool is an important instrument for the archeological and CH community. MeshLab is the most complete open source software for the creation and manipulation of high-resolution 3D models of real-world objects.
URL: http://dare.uva.nl/cgi/arno/show.cgi?fid=545855
Subject 3D scanning
Color mapping
Digital models
Cultural heritage
68U05 Computer graphics; computational geometry

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