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Locuratolo E. I., Palomäki J. Ontology for database preservation. Mohammad Nazir Ahmad, Robert M. Colomb, Mohd Syazwan Abdullah (eds.). USA: IGI Global, 2013.
Original research based on concept theory is exploited to define a concept structure called ontology for database preservation and to map this structure to database models. Starting from a general concept, corresponding to a Universe of Discourse, and from basic concepts intensionally related to the general concept, an engineering method allows the construction of ontology for database preservation. The leaves of this structure can be mapped into many equivalent graphs of classes supported by logical database models. Each of them can be encoded in the database in many different ways. This approach can be usefully exploited for database preservation. Moreover, all the concepts related to a class of the logical database model as well as all the consistent relationships among these concepts belong to the constructed concept structure.
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1993-7.ch008
Subject Concept
Concept Structure
Initial Concept Structure
Ontology for Database Preservation
D.2.12 Data Mapping
D.3.3 Classes and Objects
D.2.1 Data Models
F.4.1 Set-theory

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